These are the Rules of VexRP

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These are the Rules of VexRP

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:56 pm

General Rules

DO be respectful to everyone
DO try your best to help other players in a time of need
DO report rule breakers on the forums
DO speak English since this is an English server
DO have some sort of video recording software if you ever report anyone

DO NOT Minge
DO NOT Propclimb
DO NOT Propblock
DO NOT be a dick, we are all here to have fun and play the game
DO NOT Do Violent Thefts (Ex. Player A shoots and kills player B because they are holding a printer P.S. Just try to take it with a gravgun or something don't kill them on sight)
DO NOT Metagame (Ex: Cops warranting a player because sparks from his printer are coming out of the roof, although hearing printer sounds is 100% allowed to warrant)
DO NOT RP in spawn unless you're running through it in an RP situation
DO NOT say racist things in chat
DO NOT be constantly vulgar in OOC, you will be warned then kicked / banned
DO NOT go back to your base if you were raided, wait until the raiders are done
DO NOT block of NPCs
DO NOT raid the same person over and over again, pick on someone else every once in a while
DO NOT raid public places. Some people just wanna chill, don't ruin their fun if they have no goods in their public place
DO NOT counter actions before getting involved. For example,asking a kidnapper to release your friend otherwise you might counter the action
DO NOT warn people for general actions such as walking down the street, looking at them or being near them
DO NOT go back to a raid if you died or got killed, accept that you lost and move on
DO NOT scam custom class related stuff! While scamming RP items (such as shotguns, blowtorches and such) is 100% allowed since it is an RP situation, scamming custom class related stuff (like CC slots, items permission and so on) is NOT considered RP and is NOT allowed. If you EVER make a trade related to CC stuff please take proofs of the trade to ensure you won't get scammed!
DO NOT "claim" chemical hoses unless you are a hobo. No job is allowed to build on the streets other than them.
DO NOT revolt against the PD without an actual RP reason. Be specific with your reasoning!
DO NOT advert heist if you're inside of the PD. You must do it outside since you will be committing murder to everyone inside
DO NOT use a modified game client, not only including hacks

DO NOT call an admin for a single RDM, go talk to guy who killed you or ask in OOC why he killed you
DO NOT call an admin without a specified reason. Ex: "ADMIN 2 ME PLZ" is not allowed  "Hey admin, player x is mass RDMing right now, can you help out?"
DO NOT call an admin for general questions, ask people in OOC or the forums
DO NOT call an admin constantly. Spamming admin chat will have you kicked / banned
DO NOT call an admin for moderator applications. Just apply on the forums
DO NOT call an admin for a refund on weapons or money, we can not spawn weapons or money

KoS = Kill on Sight
AoS = Arrest on Sight

Time Limits:

Raiding Cooldown: There is no cooldown but you cannot raid the same person again within 20 minutes
Max Kidnapping Time: 5 minutes
Max Raiding Raid Time: 10 minutes Max Raiding Time
Cooldown for raiding the PD: 15 minutes
Max Mug Amount: $1,000
NLR Time Limit: 5 minutes and or until a raid / heist is finished (if you were in a raid / heist)


RDM: Random Death Match
RDA: Random Arrest
NITRP: No Intention to RP
LTAP: Leave to avoid punishment
FDA: Fading door abuse
Propblock: Blocking all areas without a way to get in using a lockpick / keypad cracker
Propclimb: Using props to get on places you cannot normally get to


RDM: John kills Billy because why not (this does not include death matches that involve job rules ex: Pissed Baby killing Pedophiles)
RDA: John arrests Billy because why not (this doesn't include 'random arrests' that deal with RP)
NITRP: John freezes Billy in a prop he made and calls him derogatory terms while doing it. This shows John has no intent on playing on the server.
LTAP: John kills Billy for no reason before he hops off for the night. Once he kills him, he leaves immediately.
FDA: John is getting raided by Billy and instead of using his keypad to open the door the raider is picking, he uses his keybind to open it quickly and kill him.
Propblock: John is printing money and blocks off his house and printer with 50 bathtubs to make sure no one can get them
Propclimb: John is raiding Billy's house and sees he has an opening at the top of his structure. He builds a stairway using props to get inside the house

Warning only has to be verbal, it does not have to be adverted. It's your choice if you want to advert it or not

Illegal Activities:
Being any job that is AoS
Disrupting the peace
Making drugs
Having Printers
Having a firearm without a license
Weapon Modifying
Processing Weapons
Legal Activities:
Growing Olives
Having Bit Miners
Owning a melee weapon
Having a firearm with a license
Default Laws:
Doing any illegal activity will have you arrested or fined
Killing other players is illegal

Definition of Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home. Whether you're being harmful or not, trespassing someone else's house should be considered a raid.

When starting a raid, be close to the place you're raiding. Sitting away from the house shooting people while they are coming out is not allowed.

Advert Rules

Adverts that Exist:
PD Heist/PD Raid

Adverts that DO NOT EXIST:
FearRP related adverts
Hands are tied, weapons are stripped
Serial Killer
Basing Rules
Fading door limit is 3
Fading door minimum time limit is 5 seconds
One way props are allowed
You cannot have a base that requires special tools / prop climbs, onto the roof of a building
You cannot have a skybase
You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part, don't loophole please)
Placing a building sign prevents you from being raided, but you may not have any entites or any form of making money. This is a bannable offense
KoS signs are not allowed but you may have Loitering signs. Minimum time for a loiterer to be killed is 5 seconds
Trespassing makes you KoS
Your goods must be accessible in some way or form. You cannot just prop block them
You must have your keypads in plain sight and it must be next to the door
You cannot have a blackout base / super dark base
Civilian Rules
Basic Description: You sell items, complete tasks and just be a regular civilian to survive.

Raid Heist Kidnap Mug Base Megabase

Amphetamine Cook is AoS
Bank manager CANNOT base with Bank heisters
Jigsaw can type !sleep and get randomly teleported near someone to murder them and that person ONLY, Do not Mass RDM after typing !sleep.Once you teleport you are KoS by everyone. If you get teleported inside someone's base DO NOT raid that person nor destroy his stuff, simply ask the person to let you out or commit suicide, but do NOT raid afterwards.
Medics can assist in raids
Mychael Myers can KoS people with 20 hp or less with his knife WITHOUT having to advert it. You can see how much hp people have by hovering your cursor  on the person you are aiming for using the Knife you are provided with.
Jobs in this ruleset:

Cop Rules

Basic Description: You protect and serve the people of the town

Raid Heist Kidnap Mug Base Megabase
You cannot be corrupt
Past the second PD door is Arrest on Sight unless said otherwise
All doors in PD are allowed to be locked (including first door)
You can build roadblocks / base / build checkpoints / do what you gotta do
Mayor Rules:
You cannot be corrupt
Make your laws something that your officers can enforce, you cannot make rules that allow players to kill each other
You can not make a law to make someone above the law because it breaks roleplay
Fine Rules:
Fine players and add onto their bounties for doing illegal activities (Ex: Raiding, making drugs, heisting)
Fine players based on their bounties, not what they are doing currently unless they don't have a bounty.
Set players bounties when they have reasoned with you to take off a set amount. (Ex: Player 1 killed player 2 in self defense, he should have 5,000 removed. Setting the bounty to 0 will erase all logs for that players)
Fine Amounts:
$0 -50 for a minor offence                                  Ex) Hobo's Buidling in the street
$50 - $2,500 for a mild offence                            Ex) Stealing someone's items, Raiding someone's house, Mugging
$2,500 - $5,000 for a severe offence                  Ex) Killing another human, kidnapping another human
$5,000 - $10,000 for an extreme offence         Ex) Killing more than one human, repeated murders, killing an officer, raiding the PD
$10,000+ for a terrorist offence                        Ex) Killing more than one officer, kidnapping the Mayor, killing the Mayor, calling a terrorist act

Bind "+cpumenu" for the CP menu
Bind "+cplist" for the list CP menu

Jobs in this ruleset:

Civil Protection
Civil Protection Lead
Civil Protection Specialist
Combine Team Six
Judge Gabe
Police K9
SWAT Chief
SWAT Enforcer
SWAT Medic
Secret Service
Custom Classes that are cops
Swat Sniper
Soldier 76
Swat Commando

Thief Rules
Basic Description: You steal from people and break into their bases

Raid Heist Kidnap Mug Base Megabase
Custom classes cannot mug
Bank heisters CANNOT base with Bank manager
Jobs in this ruleset:
Bank Heist Leader
Bank Heister
Master Thief
Master Raider
Darth Vader
Explosive Specialist
Custom Classes that aren't cops

Hobo Rules

Basic Description: You beg for money...or forcefully take it

Raid Heist Kidnap Mug Base Megabase
You cannot build in the streets but you can build on the sidewalk
Your houses can have multi-layers (essentially prop-climb within your house)
You can own guns
You can micspam but please be respectful if someone asks you to stop. If they ask you to stop and you don't comply within a reasonable amount of time, you're KoS
Jobs in this ruleset:
Hobo Lord

Gang Rules

Basic Description: Join together to build a massive place and fulfill your duties

Raid Heist Kidnap Mug Base Megabase
You must have at least 3 members to megabase, unless you're the King
You cannot take over a large portion of the map and the portion of the map cannot be a hotspot (Ex: In front of PD)
You must own all of the doors in all of the houses with all of the members as co-owners
Jobs in this ruleset:

Mercenary Rules

Basic Description: Get hired to protect or do some other task

Raid Heist Kidnap Mug Base Megabase

If you are a Hitman/Assassin, DO NOT randomly teleport behind people using the shadow knife for no reason other than killing someone. It is annoying for EVERYONE to get stuck on a random Hitman/Assassin for no reason at all.
Teleporting behind someone makes you KoS for the person you teleported to.
Jobs in this ruleset:
Bank Guard

Gun Dealer Rules

Basic Description: Set up shop and sell guns to other people

Raid Heist Kidnap Mug Base Megabase
You must set up a shop unless you're The Supplier
You may self supply a gun or a shipment to protect your base but you may not self supply just for the sake to get guns. The Supplier is excluded from this rule
Jobs in this ruleset:
Gun Dealer
Black Market Dealer
The Supplier

Misc Rules

Rules that generally don't have to be said but are here for the people who need to see them
Don't weld props on the back of your vehicles
Killing the cop / mugger who has just fined / mugged you after you paid a fine is failrp
Do not force other players to get stuck, if they can't move it's not RP
Killing people at NPCs has no purpose, you don't gain anything and therefore is RDM and a bannable offense
Don't fading door abuse
Don't join parties with people you don't trust, they will raid you.
Don't invite people to parties you don't trust, they will raid you
You cannot build on the streets or sidewalk if you're not a hobo
Fading door abuse is when you explicitly use your keypad or bound key to toggle the door to shoot out of in an instant. You can do this when no one else is around but do not do it when you're getting raided.
Hitmen do not need to advert accepting / competing for failing a hit
A public place is a place with open doors and no entities inside such as a restaurant. If the place does have closed doors and the owners refuse to let you in that room, the place is considered raidable.
NLR Exists, don't be stupid
Also do NOT return to watch a raid, this breaks nlr rules and you will get in the way of others if you are trying to or not.
Cops should not be returning to the PD if there is a heist if they died
If you're heisting the bank, you cannot go back. You must call heist again at some other time.
Knocking people out and not kidnapping them is not allowed, when you knock someone out you must attempt to actually kidnap them or you may be warned / kicked for being an idiot
Being revived by a necromancer does not mean you can continue a heist / raid. You lost, no second chances
If you're shot at, you're allowed to fire back even if they miss
You cannot build / remove props to your advantage while being raided or in a situation that involves a clash between other players. Ex: Stealing a printer, running to your base, deleting it and then placing the base back when you're inside
NLR Examples:
Going back to the road you died on to a hitman to see your friends ALLOWED
Going back to the road you died on to a hitman to kill the hitman NOT ALLOWED
Jimmy going back to Jimmy's house after raiders raided it and killed him NOT ALLOWED
Going back to Jimmy's house you were raiding after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back to finish a heist as a raider after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back to defend a heist as a CP after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back into the PD as a cop after you got killed by a Bounty Hunter ALLOWED
Going back into the PD as a raider after you got killed by a mugger ALLOWED


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